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Brampton Home Values & Market Conditions


Average Home Values 

  West Brampton East Brampton
High-rise Condo $206,000 $174,000
Row / Townhouse $287,000 $295,000
Semi-detached $306,000 $320,000
Detached $390,000 $441,000


Each home will have it's own characteristics & appeal, so the actual price of a specific home will vary considerable. e.g. Newer homes and Homes closer to Toronto (Hwy 427) are typically more expensive than homes to the North and West.

Market Conditions

The market is currently balanced with no major benefit for Sellers or Buyers, yet still promising for "First Time Buyer" due to the continuing low mortgage rates. The mortgage rates are expected to increase in the near future and home prices to increase moderately (5-6% per year) with a market similar to last year.


Hottest market locations (quick selling): Brampton Fletcher's Meadow, Brampton 410/Bovaird area, Brampton Sandringham, Brampton Springdale North, Milton East


Best deals area (lower actual to list price paid): Brampton Shopper's World area, Brampton downtown GO station, Brampton North Bramalea.





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