Ruby Javed
Sales Representative
Phone: 905-456-1177

60 Day Sold Guarantee


I Guarantee I Will Sell Your Home In 60 Days or less...

In Writing or I will sell your home, commission free!*



Every day your home is on the market, unsold, you are losing money. Your Sales Representative needs to have your same Sense Of Urgency. I am committed to selling your home as quickly as possible.


Some agent love having your home on the market so they can attract more buyer clients. But this doesn't help you. My goal is to sell your home as quickly as possible, for the most amount of money in 60 days or less.


What's the catch? There isn't one.



  1. We determine market value by comparison with similar properties in your area to establish a guarantee price.
  2. List your home with under the terms and conditions of the guaranteed sale.
  3. If your home does not sell within the time period, I will sell your home for free with no commission charged by me as the listing salesperson.


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* commission free from the listing side of the sale, co-operating (buying) side MAY still apply as agreed in the listing Agreement.